Firewood, woodchips

Bioenergia-Massza Kft. was founded to supply customers with renewable, biomass based fuels. From our supply center we sell more type of split hard wood, we deliver wood chips for power plants and wood chips burning boilers.

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For our suppliers

During the whole Year we buy material for woodchips production, standing forest, waste biomass from forests. Our own machinery fleet, and many years of experience guarantee our partners a high income possibility from their property. Bioenergia-Massza Kft. builds strong and possibly long lasting partnerships with the suppliers, resulting a win-win situation for both parties.

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Forestry machines

Our forestry machine trade center, use the experience gathered from more hundred projects.
On our page You can find only well maintained forestry machines, in good condition. On our stock there are chippers, forwarders, tractors and the belonging accessories.

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